Kate is Vaccinated and Caffinated

I’m ready for Contact less Level 3 Step 1 Action!

Level 3 Step 1: Starts 11.59 pm on 5th October 2021

From 6th October 2021, Kate Henry Designs can operate by contact less appointment only. Contact less drop off for some clothing alterations please note I can not do fitting at this stage. Once garment is altered or repaired I will arranged contact less pick up appointments. Rest assured I’m fully vaccinated & caffeinated rearing to work. If I can help you safely I will. Any questions please contact me by phone or email.

ONCE Auckland moves to Level 3 Step 3 No Date Has Been Given Yet!

Kate Henry Designs will be able to reopen for full services including close contact consultations and fittings ONCE Auckland moves to Level 3 Step 3 same as hairdressers. PLEASE NOTE: Auckland has not been given any date for Level 3 Step 3 yet.

See Link below to understand Covid-19 Level 3 Steps provided.


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