Special Occasion Clothing

Designing/Creating women’s clothing for every sort of special occasion is what I do. Working with you to create you the perfect outfit that you will love to wear and feel amazing in.

I source all fabrics and can get sample lengths for all over the world so you can have a original evening gown, ball gowns, mother of the bride/groom Dresses/Outfits helping you choose the right fabric to suit your outfit perfectly.
Making your outfit that little bit more special!

So if you just can’t find the right outfit to suit you or can not find the right color, size, I can create you an outfit you’ll love to wear.

Please email me or fill out my Contact and enquiry form with a photo or two I’m more than happy to estimate how much I think an dress/outfit will cost. Please note I will only quote cost of garment once I know what fabric and trimmings are being used and have worked out a design for you over an appointment.

My studio is based in Ponsonby, Auckland.

All my designs are proudly made in New Zealand.

For any enquiries please fill out my contact and enquiry form then I will contact you to let you know if I’m available and from there an appointment can be created.