Weddings Gowns

“Creating Wedding Gown would have to be my ultimate dream job”. For me this was ingrained in my DNA.

No Bride is ever the same or wants the same design. I’ve found most brides have a good idea what they want, and usually come with a few photos of designs, but the best thing is 9 times out of 10 brides have chosen what suits her best! So then it comes down to me working out how to create the stunning Wedding Gown in fabrics that will work.

I have a few samples wedding gowns in my studio but I’m more about exclusively designing you your perfect dress.

Keeping an open mind and listening to what you would like, then I will illustrate/draw you the perfect gown. Showing you how to get the a gown of your dreams with fabric’s and trimmings, getting the right price to suit your budget. Also being realistic about the price of a gown and also its important not to compromise your dream gown. This is my approach to designing your prefect gown.

Please Note

If you email me or fill out my contact and enquiry form with a photo or two I’m more than happy to Estimate how much I think an dress/outfit will cost. Please note I will only Quote once I know what fabric and trimmings are being used and have worked out a design for you, please book an appointment for this.

The Process

Firstly its meeting working out your design and needs.

Once you are 100% happy a deposit is paid at the same time fabric I’ve source will be sorted and I will start designing your gown!

I start by making a Toile/Mock up of your gown. This is so I can see the fit is just perfect, and more importantly you know when it comes to the real gown you are completely happy with my design, so it’s peace of mind for you and I, think of this as a safety net.

The more time you can give me is better, as I can source fabric’s and trimmings from all over the world.

I have many different designer fabrics in so many colors or if not, I can get hold of the most stunning special laces for wedding gowns but “Time is always Key” for this.

There will be about on average 3-4 fittings through the whole process.

1. fitting on the Toile/Mock up

2. first fitting on real wedding gown

3. adjusting and altering gown

4. lastly closing up gown and altering hems

It’s always fun and exciting designing and creating the prefect gown for a bride, and I’m sure you will enjoy the design process too.

For an Appointment

My Studio is in Ponsonby, Auckland and all my wedding gowns are proudly made in New Zealand.

For all enquiry’s please fill out my Contact and Enquiry form go to my contact and enquiry page.